Learn English in Wales

What does Wales have to offer international students?


A choice of top-quality schools, colleges, and universities providing a full range of English language courses for international students of all ages wishing to learn English in Wales. The members of the Learn English in Wales Group offer pre-university, foundation, general, junior, examination, and executive English language programmes.

All English learning courses have the highest academic standards and are fully accredited.


Lots to do – Easy to reach


Wales has superb mountains, lakes and a splendid coastline; lively cities and magnificent castles. There are excellent opportunities for sporting activities. It also has a unique Celtic heritage and a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Access to this special country is easy. Cardiff, the capital, is only two hours from London. There are excellent links from all the main UK airports.


What can LEW offer English Language teachers?


At LEW, we are committed to the sharing of excellent practice and the continuous professional development of our teachers. As well as in-house training sessions delivered by individual member schools, we collaborate each year to hold a large conference for practitioners and trainee teachers. These conferences have grown steadily since 2012 and we now welcome delegates not only from member institutions and across Wales but from over the border and even across the channel.

At these events, you can find newly-qualified or trainee teachers deep in didactic discussion with the likes of Jeremy Harmer, Jim Scrivener and David Crystal and you can also seek advice -and perhaps a bargain- from one of the many publishers in attendance. Working for an LEW member school means that your professional development will be taken seriously and you will have access to many other teachers across the LEW network and through our very sociable and supportive conferences!

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